NALM has provided lay ecclesial ministers and those responsible for guiding their development a range of solid, approved Catholic theological and pastoral publications over many years. Most recently, NALM, in coordination with the organizations involved in the Emerging Models of Pastoral Leadership program, has published the findings of this major decade-long study of the changing face of the Catholic Church and ministry patterns in the early 21st century.

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The Changing Face of Church

by David A. Rameyand Marti R. Jewell

The Changing Face of the ChurchChanges in the Catholic Church are happening everywhere, not least in the area of pastoral planning. Based on the experiences of more than 500 of today's pastoral leaders in the Catholic Church, The Changing Face of Church documents the best practices for approaching the massive, rapidly evolving challenge of pastoral planning. A hopeful view of the Church's future and its leadership comes through clearly from those who were interviewed for this book, and the you-can-do-it-too message is sure to bolster readers in their own pastoral planning efforts.

The Next Generation of Pastoral Leaders: What the Church Needs to Know

by Dean R. Hoge and Marti R. Jewell

The Next Generation of Pastoral LeadersBased on research conducted by the renowned late sociologist Dr. Dean R. Hoge, The Next Generation of Pastoral Leaders provides a unique glimpse into the thinking and attitudes of Catholic young adults as it relates to pastoral ministry. The findings contained in The Next Generation of Pastoral Leaders are essential for anyone in Catholic ministry to understand if the Church is to successfully develop both lay and ordained pastoral leaders for the future, and, more immediately, if the Church is to involve Catholic young adults in parish life and campus ministry today.

Pastoring Multiple Parishes

by Mark Mogilka and Kate Wiskus

Pastoring Multiple ParishesWith most parishes in the U.S. sharing their pastor with another parish or mission, multiple parish pastoring is the most common solution to the shortage of priests in the United States--that is, Having one priest serve the needs of two, three, or more different parishes at one time. Of interest to all parish ministers, Pastoring Multiple Parishes offers the results of extensive research conducted for the Emerging Models of pastoral Leadership Project.

Parish Life Coordinators: Profile of an Emerging Ministry

by Kathy Hendricks

Parish Life CoordinatorsWith the growing shortage of priests in the United States, a significant number of parishes being entrusted to religious, deacons and lay ministers. Often called parish life coordinators (PLCs) these men and women are beginning new life to parishes. Drawing on the information gathered from focus groups of bishops and surveys of all identified PLCs in the U.S. conducted by CARA for the Project, Parish Life Coordinators explains how the model works, shares best practices and offers practical ideas that will help parishes without a priest pastor successfully serve the ever-increasing pastoral needs of their people.

Shaping Catholic Parishes: Pastoral Leaders in the 21st Century

Shaping Catholic ParishesCatholic parish life in the United States is changing. As a result, organizational models are emerging: clustered parishes, large “mega-churches,” one pastor overseeing multiple parishes, lay leadership. Pastoral leaders, ordained and lay, need to learn new skills and new leadership styles to function effectively in this changing pastoral environment.